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IMTT – Navigation

IMTT – Navigation

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Key information


Navigation is a key skill required by all coxswains and leaders at sea. This subject is designed to enhance the host nation’s operational navigation skills and deployment capabilities, enabling vessels to safely and effectively deploy in appropriate weathers, by day and night, either coastal or offshore.

Course details

This subject is conducted in 2 modules. 

Basic navigation will teach a student how to navigate in favourable coastal conditions during daylight hours. Advanced navigation will progress what has been learnt on the basic subject and train a student to navigate at night, in restricted visibility and in rough weather conditions. Students will also be given an appropriate level of understanding of the International Regulations for Prevention of Collision at Sea (IRPCS) and meteorology. Both basic and advanced navigation will include instruction and practice in navigating their own craft, be it a 7m Rigid Inflatable Boat or 30m Patrol Vessel appropriately, whilst using the appropriate navigation techniques. 

Exams and Qualifications gained

On completion the International Maritime Students (IMS) will be able to:

  • Understand and apply IRPCS
  • Understand buoyage
  • Conduct coastal navigation day and night
  • Recognise the hazards to safe navigation

Want to know more about this course?