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IMTT – Board and Search

IMTT – Board and Search

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Key information


To study, from the UK perspective, the principles, planning and conduct of Joint, Combined and Multi-National operations in a cross government setting and at the Operational level. The course is practitioner based.

Course details

  • Crisis management in the UK
  • Campaigning – an introduction
  • Joint understanding including C2
  • Campaign planning tools
  • The UK operational level estimate based on NATO doctrine
  • Red teaming/wargaming 
  • Information Operations including media planning at the operational level
  • Targeting and influence activity 
  • Risk
  • Campaign effects assessment
  • Rules of Engagement (ROE)/Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC)
  • The role of Political Advisor (POLAD)
  • The Integrated (cross government) Approach
  • Civil/Mil Co-op in planning & conduct of Peace Support Operations (PSO)
  • Stabilisation, International Development and Foreign Office
  • The UK Joint Force Headquarters and PJHQ J3/5
  • Interactive lectures supported by 2 case studies and reinforced by 2 practical syndicate exercises


This course is suitable for officers of Major to Colonel and equivalent of all services serving in Joint Operational Level Headquarters who require a broad knowledge of the principles and application of Joint Operational Level planning. It is open to all international partners; prioritisation of places will be in line with Defence Relations Assistance Programme priorities.

Want to know more about this course?