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International Defence Training / onsite training

International Maritime Training Team

When a nation would like to provide training to a number of its military personnel or seek assurance on current practices, when it would be more convenient and cost-effective to achieve this at home, then the International Maritime Training Team (IMTT) can be provided for in-country training and support. The IMTT are able to deliver training and assurance in a number of subject areas - information on which can be found in this section.


Port and Starboard Seaboats during the exercise.

Maritime Security

A Royal Navy sailor waves a green flag. Boats crews onboard HMS Tamar prepare to launch a seaboat to conduct a search and rescue exercise.

Board and Search


Shore Maritime HQ C2

A sailor from HMS Defender's Bridge Team wears anti flash gloves and hood whilst checking navigation during Freedom Of Navigation Operations in the Black Sea.

Integrated Maritime Mission Planning (IMMP)

HMS Albion’s Starboard Sea boat conducting drills in the Baltic Sea.

Small Boat Operation and Maintenance

A Seaman Specialist from HMS Defender heaves in a line from USNS Patuxent during Replenishment at Sea during BALTOPS22.

Seamanship/Ship Husbandry

the Navigator of HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH on the bridge as the ship sails from Portsmouth.


The Commanding Officer of HMS Protector Captain salutes the Lieutenant Governor of Quebec

International Maritime Law

HMS Dragon a Royal Navy Type 45 destroyer carried out a successful firing of a Sea Viper missile in the Atlantic off the Hebride Isles.

Rules of Engagement (ROE) and Use of Force (UOF)

A Royal Navy team on the Bridge during Formidable Shield 2021

Action Information Organisation

Two Principal Warfare Officers in HMS Defenders Operations Room discuss tactics during an Air Defence Exercise.

Warfare Officer Training (AAW), (ASUW), (ASW), (MW)

Members of the Above Water Weapons (AWW) Department shooting one of the ships 50 Calibre Heavy Machine Guns (HMG) at a towed target.

Warfare (AAW), (ASUW), (ASW), (MW) Sub-Team Training


International Regulations for Prevention of Collisions at Sea (IRPCS)

Royal Marine Commandos launching and recovering small boats of commandos from HMS Albion’s large Aft gate

Landing Craft

Aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth and new supply ship RFA Tidespring have met up at sea for the first time, as they prepare to conduct a Replenishment at Sea (RAS), refuelling whilst underway at sea, in what will be a first for both

Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS)

HMS Forth is pictured exercising off the coast of the Isle of Wight.

Maritime Sea Safety

HMS Tamar's seaboat being recovered during a search and rescue exercise off the coast of Palau in the Pacific Ocean.

Small Boat Handling (Basic & Advanced)

Commanding Officer of HMS Kent addresses the ships company on the flight deck.

Command, Leadership and Management

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