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Firefighting and Helicopter Operating (Air 233)

Firefighting and Helicopter Operating (Air 233)

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Key information


To train senior and junior ratings in all aspects of flight deck operations, aircraft fire fighting and aircraft crash rescue.

Course details

Classroom and practical training covering:

  • Specialised aircraft fire fighting equipment, as applicable to class of ship (revision)
  • Flight deck and fire fighting arrangements
  • Flight deck and general fire prevention precautions
  • Fire fighting protective clothing, care and maintenance
  • Rescue procedures, emergency break-in points, door jettison, fire access panels, marking, release of aircrew
  • Fire hazards associated with Aircraft Armament
  • Practical fire fighting and simulated rescue, using all flight deck fire fighting equipment
  • Helicopter danger areas. Dress on the flight deck. Safety precautions on the flight deck, Foreign Object Damage and prevention
  • General awareness when working with aircraft, importance of individual flight safety contributions
  • Practical flight deck operations, acting as flight deck member. Practical lashing drills
  • Helicopter Inflight Refuelling (HIFR) procedure/Vertical Replenishment (VERTREP) procedures

Want to know more about this course?