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Fibre Reinforced Plastic and Composite Repairs (TEM 28)

Fibre Reinforced Plastic and Composite Repairs (TEM 28)

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Key information


To train personnel in the principles and repair of Fibre Reinforced Plastics (FRP) and composites.

Course details

  • Identification of materials and techniques used in FRP repairs
  • Safety precautions and procedures associated with FRP
  • Examination and analysis of aircraft FRP structure for damage
  • Composite repair utilising the Hot Bonding Controller (HBC)
  • Carry out and record specified FRP repairs
  • Damage surface preparation
  • Prepare all materials and equipment required for repair
  • Carry out a glass fibre skin repair to aircraft radome
  • Manufacture a carbon fibre ‘Top Hat’ section reinforced rib using a mould 
  • Carry out an edge repair to a glass fibre fairing panel
  • Carry out a metal to metal bonded repair to an aluminium sandwich structure 
  • Carry out a Kevlar energy absorbing patch repair to a metal structure
  • Carry out a Shurlok fastener replacement repair
  • Manufacture a blister patch using a locally manufactured mould 
  • Carry out a carbon/nomex sandwich structure repair using a pre-cured pre-preg patch 
  • Manufacture a pre-cured patch using carbon Pre-preg cloth
  • Carry out a scarf repair to a carbon fibre panel
  • Explain the procedure for recording an FPR repair

Want to know more about this course?