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Families & Veterans / Families
Families & Veterans / Families


Compassion and community when you need them most

Need to contact a loved one urgently? 

If something serious happens at home - like a death or illness in the family - and you need to get in touch with a serving family member, we’ll help you make contact as quickly as possible.

If they’re serving overseas, call 01452 519 951

If they’re in the UK, call 0800 145 6088

Get support and guidance

Whether you want to chat face-to-face or browse support online, the Royal Navy Family and People Support (RN FPS) team can help with all sorts of issues - from accommodation and local facilities, to financial and legal matters.

Compassionate support

We provide compassionate support services to help serving personnel and their families navigate the unique challenges of naval life.

Primary Welfare for families can be provided by the support of family and friends, work colleagues or healthcare professionals. Family members can also get support from their local community chaplains, Naval Service chaplains or ‘Aggies’ – pastoral workers from the Aggie Weston’s charity, who work within many Royal Navy units and local communities.

We also maintain a network of community centres located close to Naval Service units. Community centres are a great way of getting together with like-minded people and building a support network – especially if you’re living away from extended family. The RN FPS Information Support team can provide you with impartial information on a range of support services across the UK and guide you to Secondary Welfare services where appropriate.

Secondary Welfare, carried out by professionally trained military and civilian staff who provide bespoke support at times of personal crisis can be accessed by calling the RN FPS Portal for free on 0800 145 6088

Connect with others

A unique way of life requires a unique support system

Join the Royal Navy Forum and share experiences and advice with others who can relate to the unique challenges you face as a family member of serving personnel. The Forum is filled with advice you can access 24/7 and information on local community centres and groups in your area.
Join the royal navy forum

What you'll find in the forum

Everything from accommodation support to emplyment advice
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Local support

Our Information Officers and Specialist Welfare Workers are on hand to provide face-to-face support and guidance on facilities, housing and everything else you have access to as a forces family.
Find your local support office

Join the Forum

Stay informed, involved and in touch — and get support from our organisations and charities.

We’ll help you understand and navigate this unique way of life in a safe and secure environment.

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