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RN Forum House Rules

This is your Forum and we really want you to be informed, involved, and in touch with the Royal Navy and show your support as part of the Royal Navy community.

RN Forum House Rules

Before going to the Forum, please take a few seconds to read these general house rules and in the interests of a healthy community, we ask that you make sure your posts do not contain the following:
  • Future Ship or Submarine movements and port visits. Please DO NOT post these anywhere within the Forum, you may endanger the safety of the crew and cause a change in their programme. Dates of visits or events will be officially posted when safe to do so and, once this information is in the public domain, you can discuss.
  • Offensive or threatening language (including swearwords)
  • Potentially libellous accusations
  • Words or sentences in languages other than English
  • Intentionally unconstructive, off-topic or disruptive comments (while we welcome differing views and debate but please be respectful of other users)
  • Shameless plugs of unrelated products, services, or spam
  • Overtly political statements
  • Any form of gaming, lottery, or betting
  • Any unlawful use of imagery that violates copyright or breach of a licence agreement
  • Any use of images that may be considered abusive, offensive, indecent, or obscene
  • Links to sites that may be obscene, offensive, indecent etc.
  • Any discussion of ongoing legal proceedings which may be contempt of court – if seen these will be deleted.

We will monitor the Forum to ensure that these simple rules are being followed.

We will delete posts and comments that break these rules, and message you to ask you to abide by the rules, if you keep breaking them, you will be removed from the Forum.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.