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Support for Children

Help at hand during deployment

Members of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines deploy more frequently than personnel in other services. These deployments can be a difficult time not only for serving personnel, but for the families they leave behind. 

That's why the Royal Navy has made a special commitment to helping service personnel's parents, spouses, partners and children maintain their physical and emotional wellbeing during times of separation. 

Small child with bobblehat on parent's shoulders waving off HMS Montrose

Supporting children during deployment

Deployments and separation can be a difficult time not only for serving personnel, but for the families they leave behind. That’s why we’re committed to helping maintain the well-being of naval families during times of separation.
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Storybook Waves

With Storybook Waves from Aggie Weston’s, deployed Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel can maintain the link with their children by recording a bedtime story for the child to listen to in their absence.

Once the story has been recorded, Aggie Weston’s volunteers add a soundtrack and create a personalised CD for each child so that he or she can listen to the parent’s voice whenever they want.

Recording a story is easy, and there are recording centres in convenient locations throughout the UK. There are also transportable kits so that stories can be recorded even while on deployment. 

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