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Trafalgar Class
equipment / Submarine

trafalgar Class

Originally designed as Cold War warriors, our Trafalgar Class attack submarines have been adapted for the demands of the 21st Century.

Adapted for the modern age

There were originally seven Trafalgar Class submarines in the fleet, but all have now been decommissioned – replaced by the larger and more capable Astute Class – with the exception of HMS Triumph. Designed to hunt out and destroy enemy submarines and surface ships, the Trafalgar Class have gradually been adapted to perform other roles, including covert surveillance and inshore reconnaissance.

Silhouette of Royal Navy submarine at sunset with a yellow sky background


A potent and capable protector

Royal Navy submarine, HMS Triumph powers along on the surface in the Clyde area of Scotland

Striking from below

The latest and most capable of the Trafalgar Class submarines, HMS Triumph carries an impressive arsenal to quell any threat. Tomahawk cruise missiles can pick off targets from a range of up to 1,000 miles, and local surface targets can be dealt with by the onboard Spearfish and Harpoon missiles.

Royal Navy submarine, HMS Trenchant breaks through the frozen Arctic sea ice

Stealth and strength

The hull of the Trafalgar Class submarines is covered with anechoic tiles to absorb sonar sound waves, making them difficult to detect. They are also equipped with strengthened fins and retractable hydroplanes that allow them to sail through thick ice, and can stay at sea unsupported for up to three months.

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