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Wave Class
equipment / Ships

Wave Class

These fast fleet tankers are designed to support the Royal Navy in global operations, including amphibious warfare and anti-sub operations.

Wave Class fast fleet tanker

RFA Wave Knight at sea off the coast of Haiti


HMS Kent takes part in a replenishment at sea with RFA Wave Knight in the Gulf region

Support at sea

The Wave Class consists of two vessels – RFA Wave Knight and Wave Ruler. These ships have the capability to supply fuel, aviation fuel and fresh water to other ships in the fleet via replenishment rigs on port and starboard, and via a Hudson reel-type rig on the stern. These ships can also produce 100 square-metres of drinking water per day.
RFA Wave Knight in the distance from a rocky coastline

Environmentally friendly

Similar to the Tide Class ships, the Wave Class vessels were designed with double hulls to help reduce environmental pollution from oil spillage if damage is sustained to the outer hull. This complies with the International Maritime Organisation legislation for protecting the environment and ensures that these vessels can travel far further afield.

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