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Tide class
equipment / ships

Tide class

These double-hulled tankers maintain the Royal Navy’s dedicated bulk fuel replenishment at sea capabilities all around the world.

Tide Class fast fleet tanker

RFA Tidesurge at sea


RFA Tidespring returns to Portland, Dorset

Sturdy fleet suppliers

The Tide Class of ships consists of four vessels – RFA Tidespring, Tiderace, Tidesurge and Tideforce – and these ships, provide fuel, food, fresh water, ammunition and other supplies to Royal Navy vessels around the world. These colossal ships are double-hulled to prevent oil spilling into the oceans in the event of the outer hull being damaged.
Pink, orange and blue lights light up the deck of the HMS Queen Elizabeth while being refueled by RFA Tidespring

Service stations

Replenishment at sea (RAS) is made possible via three stations for diesel fuel, aviation fuel and fresh water, with an additional rig available for astern replenishment. A flight deck and hangar allow for replenishment by air (known as ‘vertical RAS’), and this flight deck is large enough for a Chinook-sized helicopter to land on.

Units and squadrons

Discover the global operations and base of the Royal Navy ship units. Track our missions, explore facts and figures, and check our current and past deployment locations.

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