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Sandown class
equipment / Ships

Sandown class

These mine counter measure vessels work around the British coastline, protecting our shores and clearing the old ordnance from previous wars.

Vigilant minehunters

The Sandown Class of mine-hunting ships comprises of three vessels in active service (HMS Penzance, Pembroke and Bangor) and their primary role is to work our coastline clearing mines to allow safe passage for larger forces. These ships also provide an additional layer of protection thanks to their firepower, and conduct NATO exercises with other nations. 
Royal Navy Ship HMS Pembroke returns to HMNB Clyde


Ultra effective mine-hunters

Three Royal Navy sailors stand beside a large gun onboard RFA Cardigan Bay while the sun sets

Robust and fully-armed

The Sandown Class vessels are built almost entirely from non-magnetic materials and are designed to resist high shock levels. They can be controlled either manually or automatically using the Ship Position Control System (SPCS) and come equipped with an Oerlikon 30mm gun with a range of 10km.

HMS Penzance powers through the sea

Mine-hunting tech

The Sandown Class vessels come equipped with two underwater remote-controlled mine-disposal vehicles. These are fitted with a lighting system, low light level black and white camera and colour camera, and are controlled via a 2,000 metre fibre-optic cable.The vessels are also fitted with high-resolution sonar.

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