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Daring Class
equipment / SHIPS

Daring Class

From combating pirates and defending air attacks, to delivering humanitarian aid, these high-tech Type 45 destroyers are the pride of the naval fleet.

Daring Class destroyer

3D visualisation of a Daring Class Destroyer


Image of Royal Navy ship, HMS Daring at sea from above

Built for combat

The Daring class consists of six Type 45 destroyers (HMS Daring, Dauntless, Diamond, Dragon, Defender and Duncan)  that were purpose built for anti-aircraft and anti-missile warfare. The destroyers all feature a ‘clean’ exterior superstructure thanks to their deck equipment and life rafts being concealed behind panels.
HMS Daring powers down the River Clyde

Total awareness

The Type 45 destroyers are fitted with a Fully Integrated Communications System (FICS45), which provides voice, intercom, data links and conference calls – both internally and externally. This comms suite also includes a Meteorology and Oceanography (METOC) system for total awareness of the ship’s surroundings.
Royal Navy Merlin helicopter flies alongside HMS Dragon

Ruling the sea and skies

The Type 45 destroyers feature a flight deck and hangar to support the operation of a single Merlin helicopter. As well as hunting and obliterating enemy submarines, the Merlins can also be used for round-the-clock maritime patrol and interdiction, casualty evacuation and search and rescue missions.

About the crew

During a nine-month deployment, the 260 sailors on board the HMS Daring consumed 75,600 eggs, 19,000kg of potatoes and 54,720 sausages – which would cover three miles if laid end to end.

The ultimate seaborne deterrent

Firing of Sea Viper missile in the Atlantic Ocean by HMS Dragon

Striking with venom

The Sea Viper missile system can target and destroy multiple targets simultaneously
Designed to protect both land and sea forces from aircraft attacks and defend the naval fleet against supersonic anti-ship missiles, Sea Viper is the principle weapon system of the Daring Class of destroyers.

Comprising of long-range and missile-directing radars, a combat control centre and vertical missile silos, Sea Viper can launch eight missiles in under ten seconds and guide up to 16 missiles simultaneously.

The detection systems onboard the Royal Navy's Daring Class ship, the HMS Duncan

The all-seeing eye

The SAMPSON radar system can detect threats from great distances
Type 45 destroyers are easily identifiable by the SAMPSON radar system – a large, spherical surveillance device that can detect and track threats from over 250 miles away, as well as guide friendly missiles.

Unlike conventional radars, SAMPSON can perform several functions at once, has immense range and accuracy and, through its adaptive waveform control, is immune to enemy jamming.

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