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Equipment / Ships
Archer class
Equipment / Ships

Archer class

These inshore patrol crafts are essential for mine hunting, safeguarding maritime security and ensuring the safe navigation of coastal waters.

Fast inshore patrol boats

The Archer Class comprises of 16 fast inshore patrol craft which operate across the United Kingdom and Europe. Due to their unique ability to operate in ports and confined waters not traditionally accessible to large warships, they can conduct several roles, including safeguarding Britain’s nuclear fleet, maritime security, force protection, support to overseas NATO operations and training. 
All Royal Navy Archer Class ships speed towards the camera


The ultimate troop-transporter

P2000 Archer Class Fast Inshore Patrol Craft, HMS Trumpeter at sea around Plymouth Sound

Training our troops

The Archer Class P2000 fast patrol boats have a top speed of 24 knots, which is delivered by two turbocharged V12 MTU diesel engines. These boats have a crew compliment of five full-time Royal Navy personnel, including the captain, and can also accommodate up to 12 students for training purposes.
Royal Navy sailor aims a large machine gun

Securing our waters 

Two Archer Class vessels – HMS Tracker and HMS Raider – are armed with pintle-mounted general purpose machine guns and armour plating. This is to provide protection to high value shipping in the Firth of Clyde and also so that they can act as escorts for transiting Royal Navy submarines.

Units and squadrons

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