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The Royal Navy boasts a formidable fleet of warships and advanced weaponry, ready to confront any adversary or global threat. With aircraft carriers, assault ships, patrol boats, and survey vessels, our ships are equipped to handle diverse challenges.

A flotilla of Royal Navy frigates and destroyers at sea

The indomitable fleet

We have a selection of hero ships that we use in operations, some can weigh up to 65,000 tonnes with helicopters, missiles, and combat supplies. Many are adaptable and defend against air attacks, combat piracy, and provide aid in times of crisis.
A Royal Navy experimental autonomous mine countermeasure boat

Cutting-edge tech

The Royal Navy‘s ships are equipped with advanced technology, ensuring their superiority at sea. With state-of-the-art radar, navigation, and weapon systems, these ships are always ready to tackle any challenge or threat with precision and efficiency.

Aircraft carriers

The largest warships ever built for the Royal Navy, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales are the nation‘s flagships.
HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier

Queen Elizabeth Class

Read more about the biggest, most advanced warships ever built for the Royal Navy.
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Landing Platform Dock vessels

Large, yet agile assault vessels that land Royal Marines and their equipment ashore by air and by sea.
The large amphibious assault ship, HMS Bulwark enters Portsmouth Harbour

Albion Class 

 Read about how these ships can deploy troops by air and sea with unparalleled efficiency.
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The Backbone of the Royal Navy, whether they‘re hunting pirates or delivering humanitarian aid.
Royal Navy Daring Class destroyer ship carries out manoeuvres at sea

Daring Class

Discover how Britain’s six Type 45 destroyers are among the most advanced warships ever built. 
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Originally built for submarine hunting, these adaptable ships have become the dependable powerhouses of the Royal Navy fleet.

Duke Class Royal Navy ship at sea

Duke Class

Learn more about how these frigates have proven their versatility by dealing with virtually every mission imaginable in the four corners of the globe.
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HMS Glasgow in the Clyde, Scotland

City Class

Due to replace the Type 23 frigate as the workhorse of the Royal Navy fleet, discover how these global combat ships will excel on the world stage.
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Artist's impression of an Inspiration Class ship

Inspiration Class

Discover just why this generate purpose frigate will be at the heart of the Royal Navy’s surface fleet in the coming years. 
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Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessels

The support team, from tankers and stores to floating hospitals, mechanics and amphibious landing docks.
RFA Wave Knight travels through blue waters

Wave Class

Find out how these tankers support the Royal Navy, from Replenishment At Sea (RAS), to amphibious warfare and anti-submarine operations.
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RFA Tideforce powers through grey waters

Tide Class

These 37,000-tonne ships are designed to maintain the Royal Navy’s dedicated bulk fuel Replenishment At Sea (RAS) capabilities. Discover how they operate.
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RFA Lyme Bay arriving into London

Bay Class

Durable and robust, these ships are designed to operate in extremely rough weather to support amphibious operations and ground forces across the globe.
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HMS Albion manoeuvres at sea

Casualty Ship

Serving as a primary casualty receiving ship, discover the medical capabilities of this floating hospital and the role it plays in helping to train new Royal Navy aircraft pilots.
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HMS Scott in the sea in front of Antarctic ice

Fort Class

This ship is designed to carry a wide range of stores to support other ships with ammunition, food and explosives to replenish naval ships at sea.
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Patrol & Mine Countermeasures vessels

A fast and specialised fleet of ships that work tirelessly to keep our waters and shipping lanes safe for everyone.
HMS Ledbury approaches the camera

Hunt Class

Hunt Class ships excel in mine hunting and coastal patrols. Read more about the versatile capabilities in safeguarding and security.
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HMS Bangor in grey waters in front of cranes on the shore

Sandown Class

A minehunter ship that operates around the British coastline to protect shores and clear old weapons from previous wars.
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Royal Navy Ship, HMS Dagger patrolling at sea

Cutlass Class

This ship helps the Royal Navy protect the seas and make sure our country‘s waters are safe and secure.
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Royal Navy ship, HMS Forth in the Faulkland Islands

River Class

These offshore patrol vessels help protect territorial waters, maintain fishing stocks and perform constabulary duties. 
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Royal Navy ship, HMS Archer on the Thames in London

Archer Class

These fast boats can perform various roles, such as safeguarding Britain‘s nuclear fleet and supporting NATO operations.
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Survey vessels

Exploring the waters of the world to keep our maps and intelligence up-to-date.
Royal Navy Ship, HMS Enterprise in calm waters in Scotland

Echo Class

Exploring the waters of the world to keep our maps and intelligence up-to-date.
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