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equipment / commando
equipment / commando


The most powerful weapon in our arsenal? Our people. Highly-trained and heavily armed.

Commando kit

Royal Marines Weaponry Hotspot


Specialised firepower used to counter enemy boats, vehicles and aircraft

Support weaponry

Troop aiming an L96 sniper rifle in grass

L96 Sniper Rifle

The L96 .338 sniper rifle enables the Royal Marines to target specific enemies from ranges of over 1km. The choice for British military forces, the L96 features an adjustable butt, integrated adjustable bipod and static iron sights.

Commando firing a Javelin surrounded by sand bags


Guided, medium range anti-tank weapon that can be transported by a single person. It is capable of defeating armoured vehicles - including tanks and hovering helicopters - it has integrated day and night sight that allows tactical operations in any conditions.

Two commandos fire mortar at night

81mm Mortar

Indirect fire weapon operated by two commandos, with a range of 5,650 metres. Just like the Light Mortar, The mortar can fire a number of different types of round, it can fire smoke, illuminating and high explosive rounds.

Close up shot of a Malloy drone hovering close to the ground

Next Generation Light Anti-Tank Weapon (NLAW)

One of the world‘s most advanced infantry rocket systems, with a maximum range of 1km and technology that predicts the line of sight.

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