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equipment / commando
By land
equipment / commando

by land

Fast, lightweight and armoured, our amphibious vehicles are ready to take on reconnaissance and combat missions in the toughest environments.

Royal Marines conducting snow and ice driver training with Vikings

Viking Personnel Armoured Vehicle

All-terrain vehicles capable of operating anywhere in the world in temperatures from -46C to +49C.

Lifted by Chinook helicopters, carried on Hercules aircraft or transported by sea on landing craft - they can be deployed rapidly in jungle, desert or arctic conditions to gather intelligence, outmanoeuvre enemies and provide fire support in battle.

Royal Marine riding a Can-Am Outlander 6x6 ATV

Quad bike

The Royal Marines use quad bikes to give them the edge in combat. Small, lightweight and agile, these vehicles allow mortars and their crews to be moved rapidly around the battlefield, avoiding detection.

The Can-Am quad bikes used by the Royal Marines feature a 38-hp single-cylinder Rotax 427 engine to descend on the enemy quickly, and they can also be fitted with tracks to cope with harsher conditions.

Royal Marines with a Polaris MRZR-D4 vehicle

Polaris MRZR

This ultra-light off-roader is designed for rapid movement across the battlefield, getting our Commandos to enemy positions quicker - and then getting them back out again faster.

Turbo-charged and ready to carry supplies and equipment, these vehicles are easily transportable and are designed to be as expeditionary as the troops who count on them.

Two Jackals driving towards camera wit a full compliment manning the guns

Jackal 2

Support vehicles

A convoy of BVs driving through snow
Support vehicle

BV 206

An icon of our deployments in the Arctic, the Bandvagn (BV) 206 is a
fully amphibious, articulated all-terrain vehicle can carry up to 17 people. Providing exceptional traction on any surface, it also has a trailer unit that can be adapted for different purposes.

Side-on view a beach recovery vehicle driving through shallow water
Support vehicle

Beach Recovery Vehicle

Known as the ‘Hippo’, this recovery vehicle is based on the German Leopard 1A5 tank, but with several key modifications. The turret has been replaced by a raised superstructure and a nose block has been added to push landing craft off beaches. It can also pull vehicles of up to 50 tonnes in weight.

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