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Equipment / Aircraft
equipment / Aircraft


These versatile, multi-role helicopters operate from the frigates and destroyers of the Royal Navy and provide immense firepower and a wide range of technological advancements.

Wildcat helicopter

A Royal Navy Wildcat helicopter in flight


Royal Marine abseils out of a Wildcat helicopter in flight

Designed for the extreme

Replacing the Lynx MK8, the Wildcat has a more powerful engine that allows it to be flown in extreme weather conditions all year round. The helicopter is well-equipped to perform a range of tasks, such as anti-surface warfare, force protection and counter-piracy. It will also be able to carry out an anti-submarine role.  
Wildcat in grey camouflage patterned paint flies over the sea

Effective in any scenario

As a ship-borne helicopter, the Wildcat will provide commanders with a flexible attack capability which can be deployed to tackle a range of threats at sea and from the sea. With state-of-the-art sensors, equipment and weapons, it is an outstanding asset that will maintain Royal Naval units at the cutting edge of worldwide maritime operations.

About the crew

The Wildcat is crewed by two pilots and comes fitted with armoured, crashworthy seating for an additional six troops.

A helicopter for every scenario

View out of the cockpit from a Wildcat helicopter

Technologically advanced 

With glass interactive cockpits and powerful sensors, the Wildcat is an elite helicopter

The Wildcat helicopter features a digital glass cockpit that incorporates four multi-function displays to help improve situational awareness, safety, survivability and communications capability.

They are also fitted with a nose-mounted MX-15 Wescam Electro Optical Device (EOD) that enables the pilot to detect targets at significant ranges, both day and night and in any adverse weather conditions.

Wildcat helicopter fires a missile

Armed and versatile

Wildcats can house a range of firepower and can aid any Royal Navy operations

Wildcat helicopters can be armed with Sting Ray torpedoes, a 12.7mm calibre M3M cabin-mounted machine gun, and Martlet and Sea Venom missiles – providing the Royal Navy with greater firepower when required.

It is an incredibly versatile helicopter that is also capable of maritime lift tasks, search and rescue, and can also be called upon to support humanitarian relief and evacuation operations.

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