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Pay and benefits
careers / why navy

Pay and benefits

There are two levels of entry to the Royal Navy - Rating and Officer. Rating is our entry-level role for a hands-on career. Officers are the managers and leaders of the Royal Navy.

pay and benefits

At a glance


Regular Job

School Leaver

£19,520 per year

*Graduate leaver £24,291

Royal Navy

Rating day one

£18,500+ per year

*Officer day one £31,000+


Cost of accommodation

No rent

While at sea


Food and utilities bills to pay

No Bills

Free meals, no utility bills

20 days holiday

Typical average

30 days holiday

Full pay

Gym membership

Monthly or yearly fees to pay

Free gym membership

and sports facilities

Holiday savings

Having to save up for holidays

Travel for free

Its part of the job, and get paid for it

Rating salary


Ratings are the heart of the Royal Navy – a team of highly-valued hands-on skilled experts. Not everyone will need a qualification to join. Though if you bring potential, drive and ability, we offer training and opportunities that are hard to match.

Whether your passion is cooking up a storm or fixing things, here’s what you can expect to be paid.

Officer salary

Joining the Navy comes with a fantastic benefit package.

As well as free gym membership, health and dental - we cover the cost of accommodation, bills and food when you’re at sea provide subsidies when you’re not



  • Competitive monthly salary from the moment you start
  • Pension scheme where we contribute but you don’t have to
  • Allowance for extended tours
  • Longer separation allowance
  • Defence discount services – from car and hotel to holidays and high street shops


  • Six weeks’ paid holiday every year
  • Free medical and dental care
  • Free access to gym and sports facilities (£600 average saving)
  • Adventurous training for 5 days every year
  • Sports associations, from football and rugby to kayaking and kite-surfing

Home & Family

  • Subsidised travel, accommodation and food 
  • Up to 52 weeks’ maternity leave (26 weeks on full pay) 
  • Two weeks’ paternity leave on full pay, with option for shared paternity leave 
  • Help with your at-home living arrangements (including your family) 
  • Forces Help to Buy scheme: a 0% loan to get you on or further up the housing ladder  
Royal Navy officer talks to the camera during an interview

What benefits do Royal Navy Officers get?

Free qualifications. Unlimited sport. Global travel. Making a real difference from day one. The benefits you get as a Royal Navy Officer are unrivalled by anything you’ll find on ‘Civvy Street’.

Royal Navy crewmembers waving at a helicopter on the flight at sunset

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