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Make a difference
careers / why navy

Make a difference

Joining the Royal Navy means being both willing and ready. You‘ll gain essential skills, from weaponry to radar systems, and take on immense responsibility, making a significant difference in everyday life.

A large group of Royal Navy personnel stand together on a lower deck listening to a briefing

Serve your country

The Royal Navy keeps our country safe by preventing dangerous situations without always firing a shot. We are always prepared to respond quickly worldwide and trained to handle various situations. It‘s a big task, but an opportunity to make a difference every day.
Royal Navy sailors unload large amounts of water bottles as a part of disaster relief

Deliver humanitarian aid

The Royal Navy doesn‘t just fight in wars. We also help people in need all around the world. Right now, we’re helping by bringing food, water, and electricity to places that are struggling. Or that have been affected by a natural or humanitarian disaster.
Sailors carry supplies through the aftermath of a hurricane

Join our missions and travel the world

From helping with the COVID-19 pandemic and supporting typhoon relief in the Philippines to stopping pirates, tracking down drug runners and patrolling British waters. We truly make a global impact.
“I get to be part of a wide variety of missions. I’ve been involved in search-and-rescue, using the winch to pull people to safety, and on the frontline where I‘ve fired machine guns.”


Colin, 33, Observer
A close-up of a Royal Navy rating wearing a blue beret

Made in the Royal Navy - Lewis’ story

Like Lewis, if you’re looking for a job where you can make a real difference to yourself - and others; then a career in the Royal Navy could be the answer. Travel the world, make friends for life and discover your full potential. You can be Made in the Royal Navy.

Royal Navy crewmembers waving at a helicopter on the flight at sunset

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