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Financial Support
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Financial Support

Life as a student is more expensive than ever, with tuition fees rising and the cost of living increasing. However, the Royal Navy can assist financially at the important stages of education from A-Level to degree.

Support with your education

About to sit GCSEs, or equivalent exams, and have the ambition to become a Royal Navy Engineer Officer?

You can apply for financial support towards achieving the further qualifications you need. Scholarships are awarded based on your predicted grades and performance at a thorough assessment process called the Admiralty Interview Board (AIB).

Eligibility is based on a minimum of 5 GCSEs at level 7 or higher, including Maths and English Language. Scotland, Wales and NI applicants need grade A or higher.

At the end of the scholarship, you will have the opportunity to either start initial officer training as a University Cadetship Entrant (UCE), or move onto an Engineer Defence Undergraduate Scheme. Whichever route you take, once you’ve completed all your training, you’ll need to spend a minimum of 5 years in the Naval Service.

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“I get downtime every day – and getting paid to study means I can enjoy it. There’s lots of coursework to get through, so I have time to get my head down and hit the books. I have a lot of support – my tutor is so helpful.”

Support with your degree

Finished sixth form or college and have your sights on a Royal Navy Officer career?

You can get a fully-funded foundation degree at the same time as earning a salary. You get all the qualifications you need without any student debt.

High-calibre students who have completed A-levels or equivalent can apply for specific roles, where they will be paid a full salary for completing a degree alongside their Royal Navy career. These include a number of specialised medical disciplines as well as roles within our Warfare, Aviation and Logistics branches.

From the day you join, you’ll be getting the practical, hands-on experience that it takes years to gain as a civilian. There’s also the opportunity to self-study and get funding towards a BA or BSc Hons degree as your career progresses.

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