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Identifying targets and threats, you‘re there at the start of every mission, and play a vital role throughout.

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Operate on the front line


World class kit

You’ll use cutting-edge communications, weapons and defensive systems, whether you’re on combat operations or providing humanitarian aid.

Play an essential part

Whether you’re the Mine Clearance Diver who guarantees the safety of everyone on board, or the Warfare Officer who leads a team of professional sailors, life in the Warfare branch is all about being hands-on and calm under pressure, providing our vital defence capabilities.

Shape your career

Whether you’re looking for a leadership role or just want to be part of a professional ship’s crew, you’ll focus and get the job done – even in the most challenging conditions.


A team of expert specialists

Your team’s set of specialist skills ensures we’re ready for anything. You might be identifying a potential threat or using tactical knowhow to manoeuvre the ship. Every mission is carried out with meticulous precision.
“I’m right in the thick of it in the Warfare branch. It’s hands-on and can be full on, but that’s part of the buzz – it’s why I love it. It beats sitting behind a desk by a mile.”


Claire, 23, Warfare Specialist

Depending on the role, you can apply to work in the warfare branch from age 16.

Eligibility differs from role to role, but there are certain qualities that everyone must have.

  • Quick thinking and able to stay calm in high-pressure situations
  • A dedicated team player
  • Passion for working with the latest technology
  • A sense of adventure
  • A common-sense approach to problems

Explore our warfare roles for more information about what we’re looking for from you.

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