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Chaplains are more than just religious leaders. They are friends, advisers, carers and confidantes to everyone in the Navy.

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Spiritual support – for all roles, all ranks and all faiths

two robed royal navy chaplains give a service on deck with f35 jet in background

Extraordinary job in extraordinary circumstances

You’ll be travelling the world providing support to around 30,000 highly trained individuals.
close up image of a beaming royal navy pastor in blue uniform and beret

A friend and adviser to all

No matter what rank or faith someone has, they can count on a chaplain to support them as they face challenging circumstances in their work. People of all levels, from the Commanding Officer to the most junior rating, will see you as a friend and confidant. 
HMS Albion's Chaplain on the bridge in white protective gear during State 1 action stations during exercise

Up to the challenge

The challenges our people and their families face make this job particularly unique. that means you’ll need to be as prepared for anything – as they are.
uniformed crewmembers of differing ranks lined up in chevron for head on photo on deck of vessel

Make a difference

You’ll be minister to an unusual congregation. with people from all faiths and all walks of life, looking to you for guidance.
The ministry of a naval chaplain is so varied but also in many ways just like parish ministry, you become an important part of the community; surely God is present among those in the most difficult and challenging situations in the world. To be an expression of that, as a royal naval chaplain, is an absolute privilege.

You should be an ordained minister from a recognised church like Anglican, Assemblies of God, Baptist Union of Great Britain, Church of Scotland, Churches in Communities International, Congregational Church, Elim Pentecostal, Methodist, Presbyterian Church of Ireland, Roman Catholic, or the United Reformed Church. Alternatively, you can be an authorised religious leader from Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, or Sikh Faith Communities. A theological degree or equivalent qualification is required, along with at least three years of pastoral experience.

You must also be a national of the UK, Commonwealth citizen, or dual national who has lived in the UK for five years before applying. The selection process includes the Royal Naval Fitness Test (RNFT) and the Naval Swimming Test to assess physical fitness.

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