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Surface Fleet
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Surface Fleet

Aircraft carriers, assault ships, destroyers or frigates: the Surface Fleet is the Royal Navy’s backbone.

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The image shows three navy personnel carrying supplies near the sea. The surface fleet defends the UK’s interests, keeps global trade flowing and provides support to civilians affected by natural disaster.

Truly global impact

Want a job with purpose? Then the Surface Fleet is for you. You’ll play a critical role in protecting the high seas and maintaining trade at key points across the globe. Your priority will be to defend the UK’s interests, but your impact will be much bigger: keeping global trade flowing and stepping in to support civilians all over the world when natural disasters strike. 

Photex of westland 19 units HMS Queen Elizabeth, HMS Dragon, HMS Northumberland and RFA Tideforce in company with c and USS Philippine sea.

Formidable naval power

You’ll work on awe-inspiring vessels in our extensive fleet, from destroyers and frigates to minesweepers and aircraft carriers. Being a part of one of the world’s most impressive naval fleets means you’ll be uniquely positioned to respond to threats and disasters across the world’s oceans and waters, no matter the scenario.

A Royal Navy Gunner smiles after safely over seeing the ships passage. HMS Medway arrives in Curacao for a stores replenishment.

No two days the same

You could be stopping drug traffickers in the Caribbean one week, then bringing humanitarian relief to refugees in the Mediterranean the next. If limitless travel opportunities are something you’re looking for, look no further than the Surface Fleet.

Royal Navy personnel busy working on equipment. REPMUS (Robotic Experimentation & Prototyping augmented by Maritime Unmanned Systems) is an experimentation exercise that takes place annually.

Extensive training opportunities

You’ll be able to work towards any qualification you want. From GSCEs to degrees and everything in between. That includes industry-specific charterships. A future in the Surface Fleet means you’ll get further, faster.

Safeguarding the seas

Keeping a watchful eye over the world’s oceans. We observe, position ourselves to act as a deterrent, and step in to eliminate threats when we need to.

Courageous, loyal, disciplined. You’ll be respectful of the work you do and everyone you do it with; being a team player is non-negotiable.

You’ll have a passion for travel, fitness, problem-solving and be comfortable working under pressure.

We hire people aged 16-48. No matter your background or experience, we’ll train you to be your best.

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