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Joining Options

Life at sea with the RFA takes a set of unique personal qualities. Whether you’re just starting out or have experience working in another merchant shipping company, there are opportunities for you.

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 Royal Navy personnel working speaking on a phone and appears to be in a control room.

Qualified RFA Officer

If you’ve got the right experience and qualifications, you could join our leadership and management team, showing the way to your junior crewmates on operations, all over the world. It’s a life at sea with real responsibility – and the rewards to match.
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People at work on the RFA Tiderace in Portland. Still imagery as part of video captured onboard for recruitment in the RFA.

Qualified RFA Rating

It takes a lot of skill and hard work to keep our ships moving, and our operations on track. As a rating, you’ll have the opportunity to be part of a close-knit team, developing your skills and gaining industry recognised qualifications.
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Crew personnel using equipment. RFA Tidesurge makes a welcome visit to Portsmouth.

RFA Officer Cadetships

For many young people, gaining higher qualifications and starting a meaningful career are equally as important. With an RFA Officer Cadetship, you can work toward an HND foundation degree and industry recognised professional qualifications, all while preparing for life at sea, and doing valuable work all over the world.
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RFA Motorman apprentice crosses arms and looks at the camera. Exercise medical endeavour.

RFA Apprenticeships

We rely on our experienced team and the seasoned sailors who have the knowledge to adapt to any situation. But we need enthusiastic and talented new people. Our apprenticeships are for people who want to learn their trade on the job, where it matters most – and gain the skills for life at the same time.
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Where you could work

Whether joining us as a Rating, Officer, Cadet or Apprentice, you‘ll make a vital contribution to every operation, every day. The RFA is made up of three core branches, with each and every highly skilled and dedicated branch personnel being essential to our key functions for the ship - Operations, Repairs and Provision.

A key part of the RFA’s role is the replenishment at sea operations that transfer supplies and fuel to Royal Navy warships. It takes a team of the most exceptional sailors on the planet to get to where we’re needed, and then to carry out the most complex maritime operations imaginable – in any conditions.

A sub branch of Deck is Communications.

Like any merchant navy, communication is key to the safety of our ships and the success of our operations. In the RFA it’s not just about signalling to civilian vessels and receiving weather information, however. Our lines of ‘comms’ can never go down - because the team of people who send our messages are playing an essential role in keeping the Royal Navy fighting fit.

RFA Apprentice communicator specialist smiles towards camera whilst writing. Exercise medical endeavour.

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