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Fleet air arm
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Fleet air arm

From combat missions and humanitarian aid, to being Naval Command’s ‘eyes in the sky’, the Fleet Air Arm is essential to the Navy’s success

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HMS Prince of Wales visiting the remote Norwegian Island of Jan Mayen. Our forces need to train in The Arctic and other harsh environments, so they can be rapidly deployed when needed.

Leading edge of aviation

You’ll work on or even fly the world’s most advanced aircraft, like the Wildcat - a multi-role helicopter used in anti-surface warfare and counter piracy operations. Or you’ll deliver the ultimate blow in the F-35 Lightning fighter jet.

The Flight Control tower during flying operations. Royal Navy aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, has deployed to the USA to land fast jets on deck for the very first time.

Eyes in the sky - and on the ground

You don’t need to be a pilot to serve in the Fleet Air Arm. Everyone has a critical role to play - from the air traffic controllers monitoring the skies and sharing vital information with pilots in the moment, to the engineers who make sure our aircraft are fit to fly. You can find your place here.

F-35B lightning jets begin night flying operations on HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Travel to new heights

Want to be landing Royal Marines in hostile territories, hunting submarines on the high seas, or landing on the top of a mountain on a civilian search and rescue mission? You could be taking off from the middle of the ocean on an aircraft carrier or flying low in the dark wearing night vision goggles. You’ll be pushing our cutting-edge aircraft – and yourself – to the limit, all over the world.

Personnel shake hands and smile. HMS Queen Elizabeth has embarked, for the first time UK F-35B Lightning II fighter jets during ‘WESTLANT 19’.

An aviation career like no other

Whether you dream of piloting aircraft or prefer to have your feet firmly on the ground, there’s a role for you - with world-class training and support that will get you there. As your career progresses, you’ll gain additional qualifications which will enable you to work with the latest and most powerful aircraft in the world.

Leading from above

Operating all of the Royal Navy’s aircraft, we spearhead missions across the globe - keeping a watchful eye over the high seas and striking when we need to

A hands-on team player, you relish a challenge. A career in the Fleet Air Arm is something commercial flying simply can’t match.

Whichever role you choose, the Fleet Air Arm is perfect for hands-on team players who relish a challenge – and want an aviation career that commercial flying simply can’t match.  You‘ll be essential to our operations, providing support in combat missions and humanitarian aid and be our Naval Command’s ‘eyes in the sky’.

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