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Firefly Scheme
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Firefly Scheme

A fast-track scheme for Ex-Regular Royal Navy or Royal Marines personnel who have left the Service within the last two years

How it works

If you are a trained Ex-Regular Royal Navy or Royal Marines Officer or Rating, providing you left the Service within the last two years, you would be eligible to apply to join the Maritime Reserves through the Firefly Scheme.

The Firefly Scheme gives you the opportunity to be processed through a fast-track system that takes into consideration your valuable experience and skills achieved during your service career.

Many highly skilled Service leavers have already taken advantage of the Firefly Scheme retaining valuable expertise through the Reserve Forces, who are an integral part of the UK’s Defence capability.

Please note: For those who are still serving and are considering a Seamless Transfer, please email NAVY RA-Project Firefly WO for more information, an application form or any further guidance.

“I left the Royal Navy as a full-time regular so I could pursue a career as an NHS Doctor. After a while I missed the camaraderie, so I applied to be a Reservist. It’s great to have parallel careers that are so different.”

Is it right for me?

For ex-regular Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel, there’s never been a better time to join the Maritime Reserve. You will be well rewarded for your time and there’s greater flexibility, to balance life as a Reservist with your home life and civilian career.

If you left the Royal Navy or Royal Marines at an untrained or part-trained rank, or if you left the RAF or British Army, unfortunately you won’t be eligible for the Firefly Scheme. However, you can still apply to join the Royal Naval Reserve as a new applicant, via our joining page. 

For those considering this option, you will be well rewarded for your time. And if you are looking to balance Royal Navy association with work and family life the MR will afford you this opportunity too.

What do I get?

You‘re expected to commit 24 Reserve Service Days (RSD) every year, and in return for your expertise and time, we‘ll reward you with a range of benefits, including:

  • Good rates of pay

  • Additional pension

  • An annual tax-free bounty

  • Use of Sports facilities

  • Opportunity to take part in Adventurous Training activities

  • The chance to remain part of the Royal Navy with its unique camaraderie

Firefly scheme joining options

The Firefly scheme is open to Ex-Regular Royal Navy or Royal Marines personnel who have left the Service within the last two years.
Rating on the deck of ship holding lines with London cityscape in the background

Ex-regular Royal Navy

We know that as a former Royal Navy rating or officer, you have a unique wealth of skills and experience. And we still have a real need for that expertise, which is why it’s so ideal for ex-regulars to serve with the Royal Naval Reserve.
Ex-regular Role details

Ex-regular Royal Marines

Having spent time in the regular Royal Marines, you’ll know something of the challenges you’ll face and the dedication required. But you won’t have the full picture unless you’ve already earned your green beret. If you served as a full-time Royal Marine within the last two years, you may be eligible to join the Royal Marines Reserve through the Firefly Scheme.
Ex-regular Royal Marines role details
Royal Navy Reserves stand on guard during a parade

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