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Rejoining the Royal Marines
Careers / Royal Marines

Rejoining the Royal Marines

Applications are open to rejoin full-time or through the Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS)

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Step 1 - Get an application

You can join the Royal Marines from another armed force, but you must meet eligibility criteria and training requirements. You can change branches, but your qualifications and experience will be taken into consideration.
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Step 2 - Your application will be assessed

Your application will be reviewed by branch managers based on the following factors: 

  • Previous rank and experience

  • Time since you left the service

  • Your age and health (you must be fit and under 37 to re-join Royal Marines or under 50 to join Royal Navy)

  • Any additional training you may need

  • If you left the service due to medical reasons, you may not be able to rejoin.

Step 3- Training

If you want to re-join the Royal Marines, you will need to undergo a minimum of four weeks of training at Commando Training Centre Royal Marines CTCRM. You will be assessed on your physical fitness, and if you fail to meet the required standard for your age, you may not be able to re-join. You may also need to do additional training for certain job roles.

Step 4 - Offer of employment

We will give you a clear offer of employment on approval to re-enter. This will include full details of your pay, engagement length and any required training so that you’re able to make an informed decision before committing to a return to the Naval Service.

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A Royal marine commando climbs a pilot ladder during a “self” boarding exercise on HMS Kent. HMS Kent conducts boarding training. HMS Kent took part in boarding training whilst in the Indo-Pacific region.
Four Royal Marines Commando's during live firing. Littoral Response Group (North) while on Op Achillean completing Live Fire Tactical Training (LFTT) on the Pyla Ranges in Cyprus.