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Job Role
Royal Marines Reserve (Ex-regular Forces)
Job Role

Royal Marines Reserve (Ex-regular Forces)

Use your service background to join the 600-strong elite amphibious arm of the Maritime Reserve.

AdventureCiviliansCombat and securityApprenticeships
  • £5,213 - £6,253
  • No qualifications
  • Royal Marines
  • Royal Marines Reserve
  • Rating level

At a glance

Serving in the armed forces takes a certain level of commitment and dedication. But it takes something extra to earn the green beret. If you’ve served as a full-time Royal Marine within the last two years you may be eligible for seamless transfer at your final rank.
A Royal Marine Commando officer training Royal Marine Commandos.
I’ve been able to use my existing training, and further develop, in some of the most intense and challenging environments imaginable.


Royal Marines Reserve (Ex-regular)

Role details

What you’ll do

Having spent time in the regular Royal Marines, you’ll know something of the challenges you’ll face and the dedication required. Joining the Royal Marines Reserve would put that knowledge to good use.

As a fully-trained Royal Marine, if you left service within two years, you would be eligible for the Firefly Scheme, a fast track process that takes into consideration your rank and valuable experience.

Firefly Scheme

Your role

  • Use your service background to join the 600-strong elite amphibious arm of the Maritime Reserve. Once you’ve earned your green beret, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue specialisations and go on deployment.
  • Use your existing discipline, teamwork, and leadership skills to get the most out of civilian and military life.
  • Travel the world, experiencing a wide range of new environments. You’ll be making a vital contribution to the essential operations that help us protect our nation’s interests.

Pay & benefits

  • Extra pay and allowances if you’re mobilised
  • Annual tax-free bounty subject to meeting the minimum training commitment
  • Paid leave in proportion to the number of training days attended
  • Uninterrupted membership of the non-contributory Armed Forces Pension Scheme
  • Expenses and allowances when training
  • Continued access to the Royal Marines superb sports and fitness facilities

Skills for life

Qualifications you'll gain

  • Individual qualifications, recognised by the civilian employment sector, commensurate with your trade qualification or specialist qualification

Skills you'll develop

  • First-class leadership, and world-class teamwork
  • Essential military skills, as well as a specialisation such as abseiling, assault engineering or combat intelligence


  • You must be aged 16 to 51 when you start training
  • The upper age limit may be waived for applicants with previous Royal Marines experience
  • Qualification requirements vary depending on the role
  • You must be a British or Irish national, a Commonwealth citizen, or a Dual National
  • A maximum BMI of 28 (there may be some exceptions to this maximum if your waist measures less than 94cm) 
  • A minimum weight of 65kg or a minimum BMI of 23
  • Minimum height of 145cm
  • Must pass Royal Marines Selection Weekend
  • Pass the Naval Swimming Test

Skills & Interests

  • Motivated to continue service
  • A desire to be part of a team and the ability to commit
  • A need for adventure
  • Maintained physical and mental fitness

Joining Process

From picking your role to starting on your first day, these are the steps you'll take to join as a rating.

Career Progression

From responsibilities to pay, find out where this role can take you.

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