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Job Role
Qualified Logistics Supply Officer (RFA)
Job Role

Qualified Logistics Supply Officer (RFA)

It’s your job to make sure your crewmates get fed, paid and equipped, so morale remains high and missions stay on track.

  • Undergraduate Degree
  • Royal Fleet Auxiliary
  • Logistics
  • Officer level

At a glance

It’s your job to make sure your crewmates get fed, paid and equipped. In short, you’ll be the beating heart of the ship. Personnel of all levels will look to you to keep morale high, and missions on track.
The RFA supports the Royal Navy, which means we get to do really varied jobs all over the world, from Minehunter ops in the Arabian Gulf to Disaster Relief in the Caribbean. Whatever the theatre, we deliver Global Maritime Logistics.


First Officer (Logistics Supply) (RFA)

Role details

What you’ll do

As a Qualified Logistics Supply Officer (LSO) in the the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA), it’s your job to make sure your ship is equipped and mission ready and your crewmates are fed, paid and cared for. In short, you’ll be the beating heart of the ship. Personnel of all ranks will look to you to support them to carry out their duties and maintain the objective.

Travelling the world will ensure you'll get all the adventure you're looking for, but you'll also be constantly challenged. From liaising with MOD, to working closely with external agencies, you'll have to resolve complex and differing issues while taking on personal development.

Being in the RFA is a job like no other, with a life – and lifestyle – to match. You’ll make friends for life, go to places you've never been, and do things that civilian dreams are made of. From the moment you join, you’ll be part of a close-knit team that lives, works and relaxes together.  

Your role

  • Coming with huge responsibility from day one, taking charge of a large budget and a multi million pound inventory, your new job is key to mission success.
  • Leading and managing the department and sub-departments sustaining the ship and crew at sea, you'll ensure the logistical operation succeeds every day so your company can.
  • You'll be challenged every day, from coordinating stores and catering one day, to managing supplies and personal and medical administration the next.
  • You'll be the vital support to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines ensuring they have what they need when they need it.

Pay & benefits

  • Starting salary of over £37,500
  • 21 days leave for every month spent on board ship working to a standard rotation of four months at sea followed by three months of paid leave
  • Membership of an excellent career average Defined Benefit Scheme 
  • Access to superb sports and fitness facilities at Royal Navy shore bases
  • RFA subsidised professional accreditation and status with your chosen, relevant industry body
  • Reimbursed travel and accommodation
  • Free phone calls home when you’re deployed outside the UK

Skills for life

  • The RFA is committed to supporting personal development for those with the right skills and attitude
  • Deliver, and you'll be able to progress as far as you want up the academic and career path with relevant courses and qualification opportunities paid for by us

Skills you'll develop

  • Constantly build your experience, skills and qualifications
  • Training to become a Damage Control Officer, Incident Support Officer/Operator, IT Security and Data Protection Officer
  • An in-depth knowledge of logistics and administration
  • The ability to manage a global supply chain


  • Aged at least 17 years 6 months to apply, and 18 years to commence employment. There is no upper age limit
  • A level 6 degree
  • A proven track record in a maritime logistic environment
  • Experience in team management at an operational level
  • Professional Logistics Command and Op tour at SO3 or SO2
  • British, Irish or Commonwealth citizen. However, a number of career paths have nationality restrictions. Dual Nationality will be considered providing the first nationality is British. Note: Residency restrictions may apply

Skills & Interests

  • Excellent reliability
  • Great at multi-tasking
  • Meticulous planning skills 

Joining Process

From picking your role to starting on your first day, these are the steps you'll take to join as a rating.

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