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Careers / life in the navy
Work life
Careers / life in the navy

Work life

Often demanding, sometimes testing. It’s about as far away from a 9 to 5 as you can get. Getting the job done means working in extraordinary circumstances. But at the Royal Navy, we’re only as good as our people. That’s why we’ll give you everything you need to be the very best.
four royal navy submariners in blue uniforms on deck of submarine pulling in ropes

Not your average 9-5

But you know that already - it’s why you’re here. Whether you’re at sea, or based on land, you’ll be stretched physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s a lifestyle, not a job. We’re here to help you live it to your best potential.
jets being prepared onboard aircraft carrier with control tower in background and aircraft and ground crew personnel on deck

Part of something bigger

Being in the Navy means you’re part of something bigger. You have a unique opportunity to serve, to protect, to make a difference.
three royal navy engineers in blue uniforms working on helicopter

World class training

We will give you what you need to be the best you can be. World-class training. Industry-leading qualifications. Hands-on experience. The skills and experience we offer mean you can succeed beyond the Navy as well as thrive and progress within it.
skier on slopes wearing blue trousers and yellow jacket with white racing vest with blue sky in background
I’ve always had a passion for skiing, whether that’s going away with some mates or just getting some practice on the local dry ski slope. Now I get to do it as part of my job. I never thought I’d say that. The tuition I got was great and now I’m at a level where I can ski competitively.

Roger, 27

Royal Marines Commando

What to expect in your first year

royal navy personnel in blue uniforms sitting down in conference hall looking towards stage on left

Day one

Your main job on day one will be getting to know your new space - and your new team.
navy personnel in blue uniforms completing domestic tasks with rating in foreground ironing uniform

Week one

It’s go time! You’ll be busy this week: settling in, getting your kit sorted, marching, and starting drill training.
ratings wearing blue uniforms with orange badges on chest on parade training lining up at arms length looking right

Month one

By now, your fitness will be up, and you’ll be feeling like part of the Royal Navy. Training is intense, but you’ll have support when you need it.
ratings on officer training at brnc dartmouth standing to attention with rifles over left shoulder


You’ve officially earned your place in The Royal Navy.

The passing-out parade is a great day for family and friends to celebrate your hard work and everything you’ve achieved.

royal fleet auxiliary personnel pulling on ropes

First year

Your Naval skills will start improving – from drills to weapon handling.

Your fitness levels will be up to standard, and you’ll begin feeling like you’re a part of the Royal Navy.

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Find your place in the Royal Navy. Make friends for life, learn new skills and experience the world.

What are your options?

Whatever your background, there’s a role to suit you. Take a look and find out where you could fit.
blue uniformed and beret wearing personnel hauling ropes on board
four uniformed royal navy personnel pose for picture at the famous bull of wall street in new york city
Royal Navy crewmembers waving at a helicopter on the flight at sunset