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What's different

What’s different

World travel. Elite technology. Ongoing growth. A career in the Royal Navy will take you on an extraordinary journey.

uniformed and blue helmeted fleet air arm aircrew preparing to board aircraft on board aircraft carrier under cloudy and blue sky

The extraordinary, every day

World travel. Elite technology. Endless growth
A career in The Royal Navy will take you on an extraordinary journey. Whether you’re in training or in combat, you’ll find endless opportunities to learn and grow. We provide world class training and apprenticeships, and financial support if you choose to continue with formal education. 
royal navy personnel in gym wear completing exercises with kettle bells

Unrivalled benefits

Fitness is key to life in the Royal Navy
We offer free gym membership, health and dental care. Because when you’re at your best, we’re at ours.
blue uniformed royal navy personnel in on board mess sitting round table laughing and chatting

Home from home

Life at sea isn’t just rewarding because of the work you do
It’s financially rewarding, too. We’ll cover the cost of accommodation, bills and food when you’re at sea – and subsidise it when you’re not.

Tammi's story

tammi on board and in blue uniform with arms crossed looking into camera with dramatic sun setting sky behind

Made in the Royal Navy

When the crew is looking after the ship, who looks after the crew? The Writer, that’s who. Ready to do something that really matters? See how you could be Made in the Royal Navy and start your journey:
“I’m right in the thick of it in the Warfare branch. It’s hands-on and can be full on, but that’s part of the buzz – it’s why I love it. It beats sitting behind a desk by a mile.”


Claire, 23

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Find your place in the Royal Navy. Make friends for life, learn new skills and experience the world.

What are your options?

Whatever your background, there’s a role to suit you. Take a look and find out where you could fit.
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