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Social life

Social life


Friends for life

The people you meet in the Navy will be your colleagues, your team, your teachers, your friends. They’ll be the people you make a lifetime of memories with.
crewmates on board dressed in civilian clothing on downtime enjoy recreation on deck playing bucket ball
clad in dark clothes a royal navy crew member paddle boards past a basking crocodilian on a forest lined lake

Unwind from the day

“When we’re at sea, we play sports on the upper deck, sunbathe, with a book or whale watch. On my last deployment, I visited the pyramids, went on safari in Kenya and watched camel racing in Dubai.”

Ben, 21 
Catering Services

dressed in blue uniforms the crew of HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier watch the funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II funeral live in their mess deck

After dinner...

“After dinner, we relax down the mess deck, holding Xbox competitions, watching TV or chilling on laptops. If we’re alongside, we’ll usually go out exploring what each country has to offer.”
a member of the royal navy leaps off the side of a ship into the ocean with a light coloured sky and sloping forested hill in the background

Hands to bathe

When First formally recorded as a command in the 18th Century, the call of ’Hands to bathe’ is something everyone looks forward to. The ship stops, so those who want to can jump in and enjoy a swim.
ship's company and embarked personnel enjoy a movie night on the flight deck under a starry sky

Restful downtime

You won’t always feel like a trip to the gym when you finish work for the day. Ships - and bases - have communal areas where you and your friends can relax, watch a film or game together.

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Royal Navy crewmembers waving at a helicopter on the flight at sunset