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Initial Navy Training

What is it?

Your training is made up of two phases: Basic Training and Professional Training. The first phase takes place at HMS Raleigh over 10 weeks.

You’ll be put to the test both physically and mentally, while getting your first proper taste of what life in the Royal Navy is like – and what’s expected of you. The second phase is specific to your chosen role, and its length depends on which branch and role you choose.

To hit the ground running when you start your training, you need to be in the best possible physical condition. Keep up the good work you will have done to prepare you for your PJFT by sticking to the Royal Navy Fitness Plan.

What will I have to do?

Phase 1: Militarisation

Your Royal Navy career begins with 10 weeks’ basic training at HMS Raleigh, a shore base in Cornwall. The discipline, teamwork, organisation, firefighting and weapon handling skills you learn here will stay with you right through your career.

You’ll begin by learning the fundamentals of life in the Navy, including some basic ceremonial duties and drills. Later you'll progress to more advanced seamanship training, study navigational theory, complete weapons drills and tackle obstacle courses.

Aim to get yourself as fit as possible before you arrive. You’ll be doing a lot of physical exercise, and you’ll find it much easier if you’re already in shape. There’s also a swimming test, so if you can’t swim, make sure you learn by the time you join us.

Phase 2: Professional training
Once you have essential military and maritime skills under your belt, it’s time to become a specialist in the role you’ve chosen. Through a combination of time at sea and in the classroom, this is when your Royal Navy career really starts to come into its own.
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