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Things you can buy

Give yourself greater flexibility by buying inexpensive apparatus to use at home.

There’s more to strength and conditioning training than spending hours in the gym. You can improve your core stability at home if you have the right equipment. It doesn’t have to be expensive and will give you the chance to workout when it’s convenient. Things you can buy, include:

  • Kettle bells – These weights are a great way to combine cardio, strength and flexibility training through a series of high repetition exercises. They’re ideal if you don’t have a lot of space.
  • A yoga mat – These non-slip mats are suitable for doing press-ups and sit-ups. You could also think about mastering a few yoga poses to develop your flexibility and core stability.
  • Punch bag and gloves – Boxing related exercise has seen a surge in popularity because it offers a mix of conditioning and cardio training. Hanging a punch bag in your garage or loft will give you some space for a really intense workout.
  • Exercise ball – The large inflated balls that you often find in the gym are great for improving your balance and core strength. You can do a range of exercises to suit your regime.
  • Medicine ball – They may seem a little old fashioned, but medicine balls have never been more essential to a home workout. Simple exercises that don’t require much space can yield impressive results.

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Clothing and equipment