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Running shoes

It’s important that your footwear allows you to exercise, without the risk of injury.

The most expensive, best looking or coolest make of running shoe isn’t always the best choice for you. Every runner is different, with a unique running style that requires a certain type of shoe to enable regular exercise, without injury.

Things to consider, include:

  • Cushioning – If you have a high arch and tend to run on the road a lot, you’ll need to select a shoe that offers enough cushioning to protect your joints. A high arch can lead to you running on the outside of your feet too much, putting strain on your ankles.
  • Support – A slightly fallen arch is very common, but it does mean your feet roll inwards slightly as you run, potentially causing knee trouble or shin splints. Getting shoes with support features on the inside of the foot will help you avoid injury.
  • Control – If you have a flat arch, you need motion control shoes to stop your foot rolling inwards excessively. These shoes are characterised with support features on the inside of the foot, and wider soles to offer greater stability.

When you’re buying running shoes, the best way to get the product that’s right for you is to visit a specialist shop, where your feet can be measured and fitted for the correct shoe.

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