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Stronger Bones

When you join the Royal Navy, you put your body under strain on a daily basis. You can set yourself up for a long career by looking after your bones. A balanced diet and healthy lifestyle will help you maintain a high bone density, reducing the risk of stress fractures. Things to consider, include:

  • Get plenty of calcium – Calcium isn’t just good for your teeth, it’s also key to maintaining strong bones. Eat things that are rich in calcium, like cheese, yoghurt and tinned sardines.
  • Avoid fizzy drinks – Fizzy soft drinks like cola can have a negative effect on your bone health because of how acidic they are. Try to replace them with drinks that will boost your calcium levels, like milk.
  • Vitamin D – Getting enough Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium. The majority of Vitamin D is made in the body through exposure to sunlight. Dietary sources include oily fish, eggs and fortified cereals.
  • Don’t smoke – Smoking is detrimental to bone health as it damages the cells that make the bone strong. If you smoke, you should try to stop before you join the Navy.

Stronger bones will make your body more durable and lengthen your career. You’ll be able to push yourself further, without fearing a serious injury, all by leading a healthier lifestyle.

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