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The recommended weekly limit is 14 units. Try to have two alcohol free days a week. Regularly exceeding this can seriously damage your health. It will also increase your body weight, with a single pint containing 233 calories.
  • Alcohol is a toxin. Regularly drinking more than the recommended daily limits can lead to serious health problems (e.g. liver disease, high blood pressure, reduced fertility, increased risk of heart attack, stroke and cancer).
  • Alcohol is energy-dense and a high intake can lead to an increase in body weight.
  • Reducing your alcohol content means you will reduce your risk of ill-health, and you could also look better, feel happier and more relaxed, sleep better, have more energy, have more time and money to spend on doing other things, and you might lose some weight. You will also be less vulnerable on nights out.
  • For more information visit the Drink Aware website.

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