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Royal Navy Reserve
Ready to take the next step?
Royal Navy Reserve

Ready to take the next step?

Ready to take the next step?

It's great that you're interested in joining the Royal Naval Reserve. It's your opportunity to add adventure, skills and new experiences to your everyday life, without leaving your civilian career behind.   Before you can get started, you'll need to complete your full application. We understand that can sometimes be tricky, but don't worry, we're here to help.
Two Royal Navy ratings pulling on a spring rope onboard HMS Albion

Need support?

If you’re struggling with your application, either due to a technical issue or because you’re unsure what information to supply, we have a dedicated recruitment team who can provide all the advice and guidance you need. Just get in touch with us using the details below.

Royal Navy reservist in a line-up looking at the camera smiling

What’s it really like?

Becoming a Reservist is about more than just a hobby. It's a lifestyle choice, where you get paid to commit weekends and evenings to training with your local unit – all so you're ready to use your new-found skills on real operations. Finding it hard to imagine? There are serving personnel waiting to answer your questions.

Maritime Reserves Commodore Robinson walks towards the camera surrounded by officers during the supersession ceremony

Wondering if you’re ready?

Becoming a Reservist and being part of the Royal Navy's 'trained strength' might seem a big deal, but that doesn't mean you have to be the finished article as soon as you apply. If you come with the right attitude and motivation, we'll provide all the support you need to be a vital part of the Royal Naval Reserve.

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Your route to the Royal Naval Reserve

Complete your application form

Your first step on the recruitment journey is to complete your full application form, which you can find in our Recruitment Portal. We have emailed you a link to the Recruitment Portal. If you can't find the link, please check your spam folder or give us a call so we can send it to you again.