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Royal Marines
Ready to take the next step?
Royal Marines

Ready to take the next step?

Ready to take the next step?

When you’re a Royal Marines Commando you’ll never be short of new challenges, whether you’re deploying on operations or battling the elements in unique environments. The joining process is your opportunity to prove you have the potential to wear the coveted green beret and live a life like no other.   Before you can get started, you'll need to complete your full application. We understand that can sometimes be tricky, but don't worry, we're here to help.
Royal marines talking and smiling whilst wearing their green berets. Feet flagship returns from successful Baltic deployment. The Fleet Flagship HMS ALBION has returned home to Devonport Naval Base after successful deployment.

Ask a Royal Marine

Being part of an elite amphibious fighting force can be hard to imagine. What’s the training like? How close is the bond between Commandos? How fit do you need to be? Speak to a serving Royal Marine Commando today to ask any questions you may have about life in the corps.

Picture shows Royal Marines running. Sport is a central part of life as a Royal Marine. It contributes to your ongoing fitness, keeping you in peak condition to cope with the rigours of everyday life.

Get fit to join

Physical fitness is central to everyday life in the Royal Marines. That’s why the joining process is packed with exacting assessments you’ll need to pass to progress. Find out what they are and how you can prepare.

get fit to join
Royal Marines from Yankee Company (Y-Coy) of Arbroath-based 45 Commando have just completed a landmark period of intense Mountain Training in the Northwest region of Slovenia.

Royal Marines experience

Want a taste of what life in the corps will be like? Join us at the Royal Marines Experience, held in various locations around the country.

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Your route to the Royal Marines

Step 1

Complete your application form

Your first step on the recruitment journey is to complete your full application form, which you can find in our Recruitment Portal. We have emailed you a link to the Recruitment Portal. If you can't find the link, please check your spam folder or give us a call so we can send it to you again.

Step 2

Arranging next steps with your AFCO

Once you've submitted the application form on the Recruitment Portal, you can expect to receive a call from your local Armed Forces Careers Office (AFCO) to arrange your next steps. Depending on your circumstances, some stages may take longer than others. We’ll make sure that you are kept involved and informed throughout the whole recruitment and training process.

Find your local AFCO
Step 3

Defence Aptitude Assessment (DAA)

We'll then arrange for you to take the Defence Aptitude Assessment (DAA), which all potential recruits have to sit. It tests your general intellectual ability, and how well you do shows your capacity to cope with the technical and academic aspects of Royal Marines training.

Practice the DAA
Step 4


We’ll invite you to a formal interview to assess your suitability for a career in the Royal Marines. This is much like any other job interview, so you should prepare accordingly, including asking your careers advisor for help if you need it.

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Step 5

Medical and eye tests

The medical and eye exam are quite comprehensive, because life in the Royal Marines is very physically demanding.

Your tests must be completed by one of our Ministry of Defence-approved doctors, who are based all around the country. Your local AFCO will arrange an appointment for you at a convenient time and location.

Step 6

Pre-joining fitness test

Before you can join you'll have to pass the Royal Marines Pre-Joining Fitness Test, which involves completing two 2.4km runs on a treadmill that is set to a 2% incline. The first run must be completed in less than 12 minutes 30 seconds. You will then have a one-minute break before completing the second run in under 10 minutes. This time is the absolute minimum requirement, and the expectation is that you will record the best time possible.

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Step 7


If you're joining as a commando, the PRMC is your introduction to life in the Royal Marines and indicates your potential to begin Basic Training. Over the course of four days you'll complete a number of physical tests in a range of challenging environments, and learn all about our ethos. Train efficiently and keep a positive state of mind, and you’ll stand a good chance of passing.

If you're joining as a Royal Marines Officer you will need to complete the Potential Officer Course (POC) and the Admiralty Interview Board as part of the joining process.Once you’ve completed the PRMC or POC successfully you must stay in peak physical condition, as Basic Training is also extremely demanding.

Step 8

Basic training

Once you’ve passed all aspects of the recruiting process, including a security check, you’ll then be given a date to commence Basic Training at Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM) in Lympstone. 

Your AFCO will buy your train ticket to help you get there, provide some joining instructions and tell you what kit you need. You’ll spend 32 weeks here and learn the skills you need to become an elite amphibious soldier. If you're joining as an officer, this is where you'll complete your Initial Royal Marines Officer Training, which lasts 16 months.

What will training be like?