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Careers / Joining options
Joining from Army or RAF
Careers / Joining options

Joining from Army or RAF

Whether you’re used to being at the heart of the action, maintaining state-of-the-art-kit or providing essential operational support, as a service leaver you have a unique set of knowledge, skills and expertise that our nation depends on.

Officers of the bridge check their peripherals. HMS Medway arrives in Jacksonville, Florida for a scheduled maintenance period following a successful patrol.

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A life in the Royal Navy is a rewarding one filled with adventure, possibilities – and job security. With over 100 roles available, whatever your background, interests or walk of life, there’s a role for you.

You may already know where you thrive. Or perhaps you‘re looking for a new challenge. Whatever the case, our world-class training will fully prepare you for whatever role you choose.

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Royal Navy sailors on board HMS Defender during a replenishment at sea with USNS Patuxent.

Pay & benefits

Regardless of your specialisation or role, you’ll be paid a competitive monthly salary from the day you start training. After that, how you progress is in your hands and because you’re rewarded on merit, your salary will develop as much as you want it to.

An enviable benefits package to match means that more of your money stays where it should be – in your pocket. An excellent non-contributory pension scheme, six weeks of paid holiday every year and free medical and dental care are just the beginning.

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Ready to join?

Joining the Royal Navy from the Army or RAF requires a few extra steps. All applications carefully considered on a case-by-case basis

Here’s how it works.

step 1

Check your eligibility

First, we‘ll need to check that you’re eligible to transfer:

  • Applicants must meet the current Royal Navy regulations regarding tattoos, this includes religious and/or cultural tattoos.
  • You should be ‘Medically Fully Deployable’ when you apply.
  • Any career warning or rehabilitation period will need to be lifted or spent before you can apply.
  • The recruitment process can only be done in the UK. If you’re serving overseas, we can’t cover any travel costs.
step 2

Request a transfer

  • You can do this through your Regimental System (Army) or Divisional System (RAF)
  • If approved by either APC Glasgow or RAF Manning, the application will be forwarded to Recruitment & Attraction (R&A) for further consideration.
step 3

Submit your application

  • If approved by CNR, your application will be sent to the Rejoiner and Interservice Transfer Team (RISTT) for processing
  • You’ll be contacted through your unit to formally apply on the RISTT portal.
step 4


  • Once approved, you’ll be given an offer of employment. This includes details of your pay, contract length, and any required training.
step 5


If you accept the offer, your local AFCO assigned recruiter will ensure you meet the standards required for Naval Service re-entry. This includes:

  • Defence Aptitude Assessment (DAA) if required
  • Video interview to assess your suitability for the Royal Navy.
  • Medical Scrutiny Board held by service Entry Medical Cell (SEMC). You’ll need to authorise access to your previous service medical records as part of this
  • Proof of physical fitness standard
  • Specific Royal Navy Branch Aptitudes if required
  • You’ll also need to pass a Security Check (SC) / transfer existing SC.


step 6

Start your training

  • We’ll provide details of your transfer date
  • This is usually a 3-day transfer package at HMS Raleigh, followed by a bespoke training package, depending on your level of experience.
  • We’ll let you know any other details, including any kit you may need.
flight deck handlers dressed in ochre kit with high viz banding relaxing after a busy session on the flight deck of HMS Prince Of Wales

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