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Royal Navy Graduates
Careers / Joining options

Royal Navy Graduates

Unlock your potential with a career as a Royal Navy Officer. You’ll make your mark on the world with a life, lifestyle and prospects to match.

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Recovering the Seaboat back onboard HMS Lancaster. HMS Lancaster “The Queen’s Frigate” has come out of deep re-fit, the ship is 30 years old and the ships company have been getting her ready for sea.

An exciting career choice

The Royal Navy’s role is rich and varied which, naturally, means yours will be too. You could find yourself helping prevent global conflict or delivering vital humanitarian aid. You’ll also receive internationally recognised qualifications, with first-class leadership training that will put you head-and-shoulders above other candidates for the rest of your career.
face on image of smiling blonde haired uniformed lieutenant nurse on board HMS Queen Elizabeth medical facility with clinical equipment in background

Make a difference

In our officers’ words: “It’s more than a job.”; knowing that you are part of something this important will give you a feeling of enormous pride whenever you put on your uniform. You’ll be an essential part of Royal Navy command - applying skills and knowledge gained from your degree, as well as what you learn during training, to lead a team of up to 30 men and women in circumstances that can be difficult and challenging.
two brown haired and bearded blue uniformed crewmembers, on a lieutenant commander on Operations Room of vessel

First-class training

You’ll have access to an almost limitless career ladder as well as training and leisure activities that few other organisations can provide. We invest in training that’s 100% tailored to the needs and interests of our officers. It will give you a broad range of transferable skills in your chosen field, much more quickly than other employers. We’ll pay for it - you won’t be adding to student debt - and give you the time to study. How far you go is up to you.
Medical Navy personnel smiles. Medical specialists onboard include dental, biomedical scientists, radiographers, surgeons, nursing staff and the RM Band service.

Great pay and benefits

To complement a unique career and lifestyle, there’s also a pay and benefits package that gives you real earning potential from the start of your training. Graduates typically join as officers, which means you’ll be leading from the front, managing people and having real responsibility from very early on. And, that’s not to mention world travel, private dental care and the potential to earn over £31,000 from day one.
The social side is as good as working experience. After a busy day working on interesting kit, you chill with your mates, and have a laugh and beer like anyone else.

We’re looking for people with leadership potential. Who think on their feet and are responsible. People who aren’t afraid of a challenge and know the value of teamwork – because at the end of the day, lives are at stake.

Fitness, in body and mind, is imperative. And it’s not just the 2.4km run you have to do before you even start training, or the physical fitness levels you’ll need every day as an officer. It means mental sharpness and agility, too. It means being able to focus on the situation in hand, while never losing sight of the bigger picture.

You’ll be getting stuck in from the moment you start training, and we’re there to support you. But that doesn’t mean we’ll be holding your hand - you’ll need to be dedicated and show determination from day one, because your ability to lead in challenging situations is paramount.

blonde haired blue shirted royal navy crewmember face on with ship bridge and light blue skies in background

How you could progress

Navy personnel working in the operations room of the Type 45 destroyer HMS Dragon during Exercise Formidable Shield.

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