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career / joining options
What’s right for me?
career / joining options

What’s right for me?

Everyday in the Royal Navy is different. That’s why we need people who are different. People like you. So, whatever your background, interests or walk of life, there could be a role for you.

Joining options

Select the level of education you have, or are likely to have by the time you apply:

Levels of entry

There are two distinct routes into the Royal Navy. You can either join as a Rating, or an Officer. 

three uniformed royal navy personnel looking at computer screen


There are roughly 60 different roles to choose from. Perfect if you’ve left school, want to develop your skills and learn while you work.

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two smiling royal navy crewmembers in uniformed jackets on bridge of vessel smiling into camera in sunny conditions


Officers are the managers and leaders of the Royal Navy. If you graduated from university or did well at school, there are 21 careers available.
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uniformed royal navy engineer wearing blue ear protectors looking at notes in engine room


Finishing your degree doesn’t have to be the end of an adventure. Join the Royal Navy as an officer and it’ll be just the beginning. And you’ll still be able to gain more qualifications as part of your time with us.
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royal navy engineer holding torch working on equipment


An apprenticeship in the Royal Navy is the beginning of an adventure. One that will take you around the world. We’ve got over 20 apprenticeships across a wide variety of roles. And our world-class training means you'll have all the skills you need to succeed.
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HMS Forward personnel standing in a line at the Royal Navy Reserve unit in Birmingham. One sailor smiles at the camera.


Everyday life not enough for you? Crave more skills, more adventure, and more mates? The Royal Naval Reserve (RNR) is your opportunity to contribute to protecting our nation. Across the ocean, over the world – all without leaving your day job.
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royal navy crewmember on board works with unit of navigation equipment under blue skies

Funding & scholarships

Life as a student is more expensive than ever. That’s why we’re here to help. There’s a range of funding options available with the Royal Navy. So, you can get paid to study, with a full-time job waiting at the end.
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Commonwealth and non-British

While we’re limited to the number of recruits we can take from the Commonwealth each year, we encourage anyone passionate enough to express their interest. There could be a rewarding role waiting for you.
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dressed in fatigues and green berets royal marines stand in line in sunny conditions


Miss playing your part in protecting our nation’s interest across the world? There are good opportunities to rejoin the Royal Navy and enjoy a fulfilling second career. Find out more about returning to the service.
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The Naval service‘s six branches ensure operational effectiveness for ships, submarines, aircraft, and personnel on every mission, year round.


The Naval Service relies on its ships, submarines, and aircraft, supported by specialist teams with the necessary skills for each unique environment, enabling global presence and timely response. 
flight deck handlers dressed in ochre kit with high viz banding relaxing after a busy session on the flight deck of HMS Prince Of Wales

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Find your place in the Royal Navy. Make friends for life, learn new skills and experience the world.

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